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Look beyond what you see...

Who am I?

Quite the Existential Question, No?...

Rebecca Kent, Blue-Haired Becca, ScionGlobe. That's me! I'm an Author, Artist, Graphic Novelist, Graphic Designer, Software Engineer, Explorer, 3D Modeler, Programmer, Adventurer, Dreamer, Game Designer, etc...


How to define myself? When I am introduced to new people, or introducing myself, I can only pick one or two defining features before moving on. That's ok. I am those defining features, but I am also more than that. Who I am cannot be easily defined. I do not and cannot fit into anyone's idealized picture of me, because I am so much more.

So then, who am I? Well, to put it simply, I am Becca, and I am here to create and find beauty in the world, and pick up as much knowledge as I can along the way.

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